2000mm 3000mm Analog output M30 Ultrasonic sensor

Short Description:

M30 installation threaded sleeve
Extended long distance detection
1 NPN or PNP switch output
Analog voltage output 0-5/10V or analog current output 4-20mA
Digital TTL output
Output can be changed through serial port upgrade
Setting detection distance through teach-in lines
Temperature compensation

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The application of diffuse reflection ultrasonic sensors is very extensive. A single ultrasonic sensor is used as both an emitter and a receiver. When the ultrasonic sensor sends out a beam of ultrasonic waves, it emits the sound waves through the transmitter in the sensor. These sound waves propagate at a certain frequency and wavelength. Once they encounter an obstacle, the sound waves are reflected and returned to the sensor. At this point, the receiver of the sensor receives the reflected sound waves and converts them into electrical signals.
The diffuse reflection sensor measures the time it takes for the sound waves to travel from the emitter to the receiver and calculates the distance between the object and the sensor based on the speed of sound propagation in the air. By using the measured distance, we can determine information such as the position, size, and shape of the object.

Product Features

>Diffuse Reflection Type Ultrasonic Sensor

>Measuring range:180-2000mm,180-3000mm

> Supply voltage:15-30VDC

> Resolution ratio:1mm

> IP67 dustproof and waterproof

> Response time:100ms,110ms

Part Number

NPN Hysteresis mode UR30-CM2DNH UR30-CM3DNH UR30-CM2DNH-E2 UR30-CM3DNH-E2
0-5V UR18-CC15DU5-E2 UR30-CM2DU5 UR30-CM3DU5 UR30-CM2DU5-E2 UR30-CM3DU5-E2
0- 10V UR18-CC15DU10-E2 UR30-CM2DU10 UR30-CM3DU10 UR30-CM2DU10-E2 UR30-CM3DU10-E2
PNP Hysteresis mode UR30-CM2DPH UR30-CM3DPH UR30-CM2DPH-E2 UR30-CM3DPH-E2
4-20mA Analog output UR30-CM2DI UR30-CM3DI UR30-CM2DI -E2 UR30-CM3DI-E2
Com TTL232 UR30-CM2DT UR30-CM3DT UR30-CM2DT-E2 UR30-CM3DT-E2
Sensing range 180-2000mm,180-3000mm
Blind area 0-180mm
Resolution ratio 1mm
Repeat accuracy ± 0. 15% of full scale value
Absolute accuracy ±1% (temperature drift compensation)
Response time 100ms,110ms
Switch hysteresis 2mm
Switching frequency 10Hz
Power on delay <500ms
Working voltage 15...30VDC
No-load current ≤25mA
Indication LED red light: No target detected in teach-in state, always on
LED yellow light: In normal working mode, the switch status
LED blue light: Target detected in teach-in state, flashing
LED green light: Power indicator light, always on
Input type With teach-in function
Ambient temperature -25C…70C (248-343K)
Storage temperature -40C…85C (233-358K)
Characteristics Support serial port upgrade and change the output type
Material Copper nickel plating, plastic accessory
Protection degree IP67
Connection 2m PVC cable or 4 pin M12 connector

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