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Established in 1998, Shanghai Lanbao Sensing Technology Co., Ltd is the supplier of Intelligent Manufacturing Core Components and Intelligent Application Equipment, National Professional and Specialized “Little Giant” Enterprise, Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center, Director unit of Shanghai Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Association, and Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise. Our main products are intelligent inductive sensor, photoelectric sensor and capacitive sensor. Since the establishment of our company, we always take scientific and technological innovation as the first driving force, and we are committed to the continuous accumulation and breakthrough of the intelligent sensing technology and measurement control technology in the application of Industrial Internet of Things( IIoT) to meet the digital and intelligent requirements of customers and help the localization process of intelligent manufacturing industry.

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Our History

  • Initial Stage(1998-2000)

    Established in 1998, the company has a single product of inductive sensor, and its market customers are tobacco industry customers. The factory covers an area of more than 200 square meters and has less than 20 employees.

  • Growth Stage(2001-2005)

    With business expanded and specs enriched gradually, our product series covered inductive sensor, photoelectric sensor, pressure sensor, and our independent R&D ability and talent team were improved a lot, with more than 100 employees and more than 1000㎡ plant area.

  • Develop Stage(2006-2010)

    The R & D team has begun to take shape, with more than 200 employees. The products have been extended from sensors to measurement and control systems. The market business has been expanded in multiple regions and industries, and the products have been exported to the global market.

  • Transformation Stage(2011-2016)

    The company has completed the shareholding system reform and made a breakthrough in intelligent sensing technology, becoming an internationally competitive industrial measurement and control sensor manufacturing and system solution provider.

  • Breakthrough Stage(2017-2020)

    The company has entered the stage of strategic development, with the rapid development of business scale, the research and development of a number of inventions obtained patents, brand awareness, and global customers to carry out close cooperation.

  • Thriving Stage(2021-Until now)

    Lanbao develops a number of high-end measurement products: laser ranging, displacement, line scanning, spectral confocal, etc., with excellent performance and high market competitiveness; At the same time, under the strategic guidance of focusing on the industry, it has successfully broken through the photovoltaic, lithium battery, 3C electronics and other industries and become a top sensor brand.

Lanbao Honor


Research Subject

• 2021 Shanghai Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Special Project
• 2020 National Basic Research Project of a Major Special Technology Development (commissioned) Project
• 2019 Shanghai Software and Integrated Circuit Industry Development Special Project
• 2018 Intelligent Manufacturing Special Project of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


Market Position

• National Specialized New Key "Little Giant" Enterprise
• Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center
• Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Project Enterprise
• Shanghai Academician (Expert) Workstation
• Shanghai Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Association Member Unit
• Member of the First Council of the Intelligent Sensor Innovation Alliance



• 2021 Science and Technology Progress Award of Chinese Instrument Society
• 2020 Silver Prize of Shanghai Excellent Invention Competition
• 2020 First 20 Intelligent Factories in Shanghai
• 2019 First Prize of World Sensor Innovation Competition of Perception
• 2019 TOP10 Innovative Smart Sensors in China
• 2018 Top 10 Scientific and Technological Progress of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

Why Choose Us


• Founded in 1998-24 years professional sensor innovation, R&D and manufacturing experience.
• Complete Certification-ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS45001, CE, UL, CCC, UKCA,EAC
• R&D Strength-32 invention patents, 90 software works, 82 utility models, 20 designs and other intellectual property rights


• Chinese high-tech enterprises
• Member of the First Council of the Intelligent Sensor Innovation Alliance
• National Specialized New Key "Little Giant" Enterprise
• 2019 TOP10 Innovative Smart Sensors in China • 2020 First 20 Intelligent Factories in Shanghai


• Over 24 years global exporting experiences
• Exported to over 100+ countries
• More than 20000 customers in global

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