Capacitive Proximity Sensor CQ32SCF15AK 15mm Relay Output 20…250 VAC IP67

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Lanbao CQ32 relay plastic cylindrical capacitive proximity sensor for detection of solid, liquid or granular objects; Quick and easy adjustment can be made via the potentiometer or teach button to save valuable time during commissioning; Wide range of detectiong targets: metal, plastic and fluid etc; the design of clearly visible indicator lights makes it easier to judge the working status of the switch; Sensors for position and level detection; The supply voltage is 20-250VAC relay output; PBT plastic housing material; flush housing, SN:15mm (adjustable); Normally open output mode; the dimention is φ32*80 mm, 2m PVC cable; CE UL EAC certificates;IP67 protection degree

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Lanbao relay output 20-250VAC 2 Wires plastic capacitive sensors are reliable in harsh environments; CQ32 series has time delay and no time delay function; The relay, switches as soon as the sensor is activated and remains in this position until the activating influence stops; The use of electronic rather than mechanic switches ensures a unique reliability, particularly as the electrotics are completely encapsulated in special plastic; This provides maximum protection against humidity and other external influences in harsh environments; Adjustable 15mm sensing distance; IP67 protection class which is effectively moisture-proof and dust-proof; suitable for most installation applications; This provides maximum protectin against humidity and other external indluences in harsh environments; Sensibility could be adjusted by potentiometer to achieve more flexible applications. High electromagnetic compatibility. An array of different designs and large operating ranges enable the use in practically all areas of application in industrial automation.

Product Features

> Relay output, widely applied in warehouse, animal husbandry industry etc
> Be able to detect various media via nonmetallic container
> Sensing range adjustable by means of potentiometer or teach button
> Optical adjustment indicator ensures reliable object detection to minimize potential machine failures
> Reliable liquid level detecting
> Sensing distance: 15mm (adjustable)
> Housing size: φ32*80 mm
> Wiring:AC 20…250 VAC relay output
> Housing material:PBT
> Connection: 2m PVC Cable
> Mounting: Flush> IP67 protection degree
> Approve by CE, UL, EAC

Part Number

 Relay Output Capacitive Series
Mounting Flush
Relay CQ32SCF15AK
Technical specifications
Mounting Flush
Rated distance [Sn] 15mm(adjustable)
Assured distance [Sa] 0…12mm
Dimensions  φ32*80 mm
Output Relay output
Supply voltage 20…250 VAC
Standard target Fe 45*45*1t
Switch-point drifts [%/Sr] ≤±20%
Hysteresis range [%/Sr] 3…20%
Repeat accuracy [R] ≤3%
Load current ≤2A
Current consumption ≤25mA
Output indicator Yellow LED
Ambient temperature -25℃…70℃
Ambient humidity 35-95%RH
Voltage withstand 1000V/AC 50/60Hz 60S
Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ (500VDC)
Vibration resistance 10…50Hz (1.5mm)
Degree of protection IP67
Housing material PBT
Connection type 2m PVC cable

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