measuring sensor

High precision detection laser measurement sensor

Point laser distance measuring/ displacement sensor
High precision, long distance measurement
CCD laser line diameter through beam meseasurement sensor
Stable detection, high efficient deviation correction
Spectral confocal displacement sensor
Small size, poweful functions
3D laser scanner
Overall detection, built-in algorithm

Laser Displacement Sensor-PDA seies

The PDA sensor series is a compact, innovative measurement product that combines Lanbao's latest laser measurement technology, which can realize stable measurement performance even on high-brightness, rough surfaces or harsh environments. Below are some typical applicaitons:
1.Wafer thickness detection;
2.Robot arm positioning;
3.Dynamic measurement of roll diameter;
4.Small object detection.

PDA series Laser Measuring Sensor Waterproofing Test

Area Light Curtains

LVDT displacement sensor

Cylinder diameter measuring
Flatness measuring
Accurate in-position detection

PDA laser ranging sensor

Displacement sensing distance up to 85mm, and resolution as low as to 2.5μm. Lightweight aluminum housing, streamlined appearance design, advanced technical process, sturdy and durable; oblique 45° cable outlet, suitable for more installation requirements. 0.5mm diameter light spot to accurately and steadily measure very tiny objects.