LANBAO PSE series Laser Photoelectric Sensor

Laser Photoelectric Sensor -PSE Series

Product Advantage

•Three functional types:Through beam type photoelectric sensor,Polarized reflection type photoelectric sensor,Background reflection type photoelectric sensor
•Laser light source, energy concentration distance
•Ultra-small light spot, accurate positioning
•Common size, widely used scenarios have been replaced
•IP67 protection grade, suitable for harsh environments


Detailed Structure


Product Specification

Detection type Through beam Polarized reflection Background reflection
Rated distance 30m 5m 10m 15cm 35cm
Output type NPN NO+NC Or PNP NO+NC
Distance adjustment Knob adjustment Multi-turn knob adjustment
Output state Black line NO, white line NC Black line NO, white line NC
Supply voltage 10...30 VDC, ipple<10%Vp-p
Light spot size 36mm@30m(Main Light spot) 10mm@5m(Main Light spot) 20mm@10m(Main Light spot) ≤2mm@15cm ≤2mm@35cm
Consumption current Emitter: ≤20mA; Receiver: ≤20mA ≤20mA
Load current ≤100mA
Voltage drop ≤1.5V
Light source Red laser(650nm) Class 1 Red laser(650nm) Class 1
Response time T-on: ≤0.5ms; T-off: ≤0.5ms T-on: ≤0.5ms; T-off: ≤0.5ms
Smallest detector ≥φ3mm@0~2m; ≥φ15mm@2~30m ≥φ3mm@0~2m, ≥φ6mm@2~5m ≥φ3mm@0~2m, ≥φ6mm@2~10m    
Circuit protection Short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, zener protection
Indicator Green light: power indicator; Yellow light:output, overload or short circuit(flicker)
Anti ambient light Anti-sunlight interference ≤10,000lux; Incandescent light interference ≤3,000lux
Operating temperature  -10...50 ºC(no icing, no condensation)
Storage temperature  -40... 70 ºC
Humidity range 35%~85%(no icing, no condensation)
Protection degree IP67
Certification CE
Material Housing: PC+ABS; Optical elements: Plastic PMMA
Connection Cable: 2m PVC cable; Connector: M8 4-pin connector


Shelf cargo offffset detection
The sensor uses a laser light source, the energy concentration is not easy to spread, and the distance limit detectioncan be carried out.
Penetrate slits or holes detection
The sensor light spot is small and not easy to spread, which can be used in the station where perforation detection is required.
Thin edge detection
The sensor light spot is small, can detect smaller objects,can be installed on both sides of the transmission line, for electronic materials or thin material detection.
Luggage height limit detection
Small sensor spot, high detection accuracy, can be used for accurate height limit detection


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Post time: Nov-29-2023