Sensors are indispensable for automated production lines

With the rapid development of science and technology, automated production has gradually become the mainstream of manufacturing, the former production line needs dozens of workers, and now with the help of sensors, it is easy to achieve stable and efficient detection of products. At present, digital transformation is an important engine for the high-quality development of manufacturing, and an important driver for accelerating the cultivation of new quality productivity. As a well-known domestic supplier of industrial discrete sensors, intelligent application equipment and industrial measurement and control system solutions, Lambao Sensor has become an important force to promote the rapid development of industrial automation with its high precision, high reliability and wide range of applications.


Sensors are ubiquitous in modern life and are an indispensable part of intelligent manufacturing systems, which is not only a component, but also the key core and technical basis for the development of emerging fields such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. It can collect real-time data of equipment and products, and realize the monitoring and control of the production process, so as to provide important support for the production line to improve efficiency and reduce production costs. The size of the sensor is not large, as if it can be transformed into "eyes" and "ears", so that everything is "interconnected".


The transparent bottle is inspected by photoelectric sensor

Checking and controlling product flow by counting is a typical application of product packaging in beverage factories. In the beverage industry production, the manufacture of bottles will produce a variety of product variants, the circulation rate of the transportation process is high, in order to achieve fast and smooth transportation, the need to reliably identify the bottles, due to their shape and surface conditions, high transmission speed, complex optical characteristics, stable and accurate detection is particularly difficult. LANBAO PSE-GC50 series photoelectric sensor can reliably detect transparent objects, whether it is film, tray, glass bottle, plastic bottle or film fracture, PSE-GC50 can reliably identify, do not miss, and stably detect various transparent objects, greatly improving the efficiency of the assembly line.


Sensors detect and recognize different colors of product packaging

Whether in the packaging industry or in food factories, sensors are one of the indispensable and important components of packaging production equipment, whose role is to detect the color mark on the product or packaging material to precisely match the equipment for packaging control. The unique optical design of the Lambao Background suppression photoelectric sensor can detect a variety of color blocks, whether it is a simple black and white mark or a colorful pattern, which can be accurately identified.


The label sensor confirms the bar code

Label sensors are widely used in parts identification and traceability on the production line. They have the advantages of high precision, high speed, high reliability and easy integration, which can reduce labor costs and reduce error rate, and greatly improve production efficiency. The Lambao LA03-TR03 label sensor has a small spot size, which can react quickly and perform high-speed detection and recognition for a variety of labels.


In traditional factories, many equipment and systems operate independently and lack effective information exchange and collaborative work, which leads to problems such as low production efficiency, waste of resources and safety hazards. The application of intelligent sensor technology makes various equipment and systems in the factory can be connected to each other to form an intelligent network. In this network, various devices and systems can exchange information in real time, coordinate work, and jointly complete production tasks. This way of collaborative work can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce waste, while also improving the service life and safety of the equipment, and to achieve "whole line intelligence", it is inevitable that the soul of automatic intelligent control - "sensor".

Lambao Sensor has more than 20 years of sensor production experience, the continuous accumulation and breakthrough of intelligent sensing technology and intelligent measurement and control technology is applied to intelligent equipment and industrial Internet, to meet the digital and intelligent needs of customers in intelligent manufacturing upgrade, and promote the progress and innovation of the entire industrial field!

Post time: Jun-06-2024