Small high precision 12V 24V DC RS485 digital laser displacement sensor PDE-CR50series

Short Description:

Ultra-small size, metal housing, solid and durable
Convenient operation panel with visualized OLED display to complete all function settings fastly
The repetition accuracy can reach 30μm to achieve high-precision segment difference detec
Powerful function setting and flexible output way
Complete shielded desgin, stronger anti-interference perfomance
IP65 protection degree, able to work in water or dusty environment

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Product Features

>Center distance:50mm
>Measuring range:±15mm
>Full scale(F.S.):35-65mm
>Supply voltage:12...24VDC
>Consumption power:≤960mW
>Linear accuracy:±0.1%F.S;
>±Repeat accuracy:30μm
>Response time:<10ms

Part Number

4...20mA + 0-5V PDE-CR50TGIU


Center distance 50mm
Measuring range ±15mm
Full scale(F.S.) 35-65mm
Supply voltage 12...24VDC
Consumption power ≤960mW
Load current ≤100mA
Voltage drop <2V
Light source Red laser(650nm);Laser level:Class 2
Beam diameter About Φ70μm(at50mm)
Resolution 10μm
Linear accuracy ±0.1%F.S.
Repeat accuracy 30μm
Output 1(Model selection) Digital value:RS-485(Support Modbus protocol);Switch value:NPN/PNP and NO/NC settable
Output 2(Model selection) Analog:4...20mA(Load resistance<300Ω)/0-5V;Switch value:NPN/PNP and NO/NC settable
Distance setting RS-485:Keypress/RS-485 setting;Analog:Keypress setting
Response time <10ms
Dimension 45mm*27mm*21mm
Display OLED display(Size:18*10mm)
Temperature drift <0.03%F.S./℃
Indicator Laser working indicator:green light on;Switch output indicator:yellow light
Protection circuit Short circuit protection,reverse polarity protection,overload protection
Built-in function Slave address & Baud rate settings;Zero setting;Parameter query;Product self-inspection;Output setting;Ingle-point teaching/two-point teaching/three-point teaching;Window teaching;Factory data reset
Service environment Operation temperature:-10…+45℃;Storage temperature:-20…+60℃;Ambient temperature:35...85%RH(No condensation)
Anti ambient light Incandescent light:<3,000lux;Sunlight interference:≤10,000lux
Protection degre IP65
Material Housing:Zinc alloy;Lens:PMMA;Diaplay:Glass
Vibration resist 10...55Hz Double amplitude1mm,2H each in X,Y,Z directions
Impulse resista 500m/s²(About 50G)3 times each in X,Y,Z directions
Connection 2m Composite cable(0.2mm²)
Accessory M4 screw(length:35mm)x2,nut x2,gasket x2,mounting bracket,operation manual


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