Semiconductor Equipment Industry

High Precision Sensor Assists Semiconductor Precision Production

Main Description

Lanbao's high-precision laser ranging sensor and displacement sensor, spectral confocal sensor and 3D laser scanning sensor can provide customized services and diversified precision measurement solutions for semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor equipment industry2

Application Description

Lanbao's vision sensor, force sensor, photoelectric sensor, proximity sensor, obstacle avoidance sensor, area light curtain sensor etc. can provide necessary information for mobile robots and industrial robots to correctly perform relevant operations, such as tracking, positioning, obstacle avoidance, and adjusting actions.


Content of the prospectus

Semiconductor equipment industry3

Photoresist Coater

High precision laser displacement sensor detects the photoresist coating height to maintain stable coating accuracy.

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Dicing Machine

The thickness of cutting blade is only tens of microns, and the detection accuracy of high-precision laser displacement sensor can reach 5um, so the blade thickness can be measured by installing 2 sensors face to face, which can reduce maintenance time a lot.

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Wafer Inspection

Wafer appearance inspection equipment is required for quality inspection during wafer batch production. This equipment relies on the vision inspection of high-precision laser displacement sensor to realize focus adjustment.